Purpose: The canopy safety latch is designed to be easily latched and unlatched from inside the cockpit while enabling rescue to access the cockpit from the outside during an emergency.


Operating Instructions:

To latch a forward hinged canopy or a canopy lid, while sitting in the seat the racer reaches up grabs onto the rubber “T” handles and pulls the canopy lid closed while pulling the rubber “T” handle firmly onto the latch posts. To exit the boat the racer simply pulls the “T” handles off of the latch posts and pushes the canopy lid open. If the racer was unable to remove the rubber “T” handles from the latch posts the upper latch assemblies can be separated by pushing on the drive out pin protruding from the end of the quick pin and pushing the entire quick pin thru the assembly to the outside.

The canopy can then be opened while the “T” handles are still latched. Rescue may
enter the cockpit from outside the cockpit by pulling the quick pin ring and pulling out each quick pin or by holding onto the end of the pin, pushing the release on the end of the pin and pulling the pin out of the upper latch assembly. Once the (2) quick pins are removed the canopy lid can be opened from the outside.


On a forward hinged canopy a latch assembly is installed towards the rear edge on both sides. The location of installing the two latch assemblies should be determined with the racer sitting inside the cockpit to determine the best location for being able to reach the rubber “T” handles and pulling them down onto the latch posts. Once these locations are determined, install the upper latch assembly on the canopy frame or windscreen. Three sets of # 10 screws are provided (1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4” long), determine which set of screws match the material thickness. Use the inside portion of the upper latch assembly as a drilling template to mark out the hole locations. Drill the (3) holes using a 7/32”, (.56) cm drill bit.

Screw the inner and outer latch plates together using the (3) #10 flat head allen cap
screws using blue threadlock on the screw threads. With the upper latch assembly completely installed, install the latch post and bracket with the latch post installed onto the rubber ”T” handle. Attach a fish scale to the latch bracket . Using the latch bracket as a drilling template, pull straight down on the fish scale putting 12.5 lbs (55n) of tension on the scale. Mark the location of the pairs of holes in the bracket to be drilled. Drill the holes using a 7/32”, (.56 cm drill.) Then thru bolt the bracket to the cockpit side. With the canopy closed determine the location that the lanyard is to be secured to the cockpit. Drill a ¼” (.64 cm) hole and thru bolt the lanyard to the cockpit. The lanyard is used to prevent the pin from being lost in the water upon removal.