Made of high grade polished stainless steel and tensile steel. This latch mechanism operates similar to a 5 point harness latch mechanism. This allows for easy latching and unlatching from inside and outside of the cockpit.


Operating Instructions:

Pull the lid down to the closed position, rotate the latch lever to the down latched position where latched retention will be felt. To open from the inside of the cockpit, pull the lever upward out of the latched position and push the lid open. The lever will go to the full open position via spring loading.

To open the lid from the outside of the cockpit, pull the quick release push or pull pin with optional drive out feature, pull the lid open.


Step 1: Using masking tape, install a 3” x 3” square layer at the top edge of the rear center of the outside of the canopy lid.

Step 2: Using the 2” x 2” inner stainless steel backer plate as a template, locate the template 1/2" from the rear center edge of the lid. Mark out the outline of the template including the (4) 1/4” holes.

Step 3: Using a jigsaw, cut out the center square hole and drill the (4) 1/4” holes.

Step 4: Install the outer housing and backer plate using the (4) 1/4” x 1 1/2” stainless steel oval head cap screws, washers and nylock jam nuts.

Step 5: Insert the 1” square tube with installed loop into the outer housing and insert the 1 1/2” x 5/16” quick release pin.

Step 6: From inside the cockpit with the lid closed, insert the latch mechanism onto the welded loop and pull the spring loaded lever down to the fully latched position.

Step 7: Measure and locate the mounting position for the latch mechanism tot he cockpit bulkhead or outer shell. You may have to fabricate a mounting block or angle bracket. Once installed, the latch mechanism should pull the lid down with moderate down force. You may want to install an inside grab handle to pull the lid down when latching an opposing outside handle to open the lid from the outside.