Portable Radio Plug-in VOX/PTT Cable

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Portable Radio Plug-in VOX/PTT
Portable Radio Plug-in VOX/PTTPortable Radio Plug-in VOX/PTT with CableShown on MSA LH250 with Air Crew Drop Box and VOX/PTT cable
Price: $195.00
Part Number: T-5905-VP
Portable Radio Plug-in VOX/PTT Cable
This kit enables portable radios that do not include a VOX feature to now
operate in the hands free VOX mode. The rechargeable
battery also provides long battery life between charges.

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  High capacity rechargeable battery.
   Small and lightweight compact design.
   On/off switch, VOX when switch is on, PTT when
                       switch is off or when battery loses charge.
   2 Color charge and on/off LED.
   Charging jack.
   100-240 volt plug in wall charger.
   Optional plug in cigarette lighter charger.

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