MSA Gallet Helmet Parts

Tiger Performance Products
Authorized Distributor in North America for MSA Gallet Flight Helmets
Tiger Communications also available for Gentex, Alpha, Northwall, LD Project and other Flight Helmet models

  • Aviation MSA Gallet HelmetsMSA Gallet LH250 with BOSE Communications
  • Aviation MSA Gallet HelmetsModels: LH050, LH250, LH350 & LA100
  • Aviation Maxillo Face Shield for MSA Gallet LH050/LH250 Flight HelmetsEasy to install, ultra lightweight & comes with face shield, hardware & installation instructions
  • Aviation Quick Release Kit for ANVIS NVG Helmet Mount AdapterConvert your Existing MSA, Gentex, Alpha or other Flight Helmet to Quick Release
  • Aviation Helmet Communication PackagesPassive & Active Noise Reduction (PNR/ANR), BOSE A20

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Helmet Bags for MSA Gallet
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MSA Gallet Helicopter Helmets have been Engineered and Designed to meet the diverse requirements of both Fixed Wing and Rotor Wing Pilots & Crew. The Flight Helmet design makes these Helicopter Helmets the lightest weight and most comfortable Pilot Helmet in the industry, while still meeting all the U.S. Military and European Specifications.
All Flight Helmets come with or without an Integrated Communication system made to U.S. Mil-Specs that can be customized to meet your specific flight applications. Whether called Helicopter Helmet, Flight Helmet, Pilot Helmet, or Aviation Helmet - the MSA Gallet Helmet is the most advanced Helicopter Helmet on the Market.