Emergency Breathing Systems

Aloha Bobby,

'Just a quick to let you know the Emergency Air equipment has arrived and we've been able to conduct some "sea trials" employing the emergency air tank. 'Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner but I've been super busy. The tank with hose and regulator works perfect and will provide us with a little extra air in situations where that could make all the difference! I very much appreciate your help in obtaining this gear.

I will be recommending Tiger Performance Inc. to others who will be out there challenging Big Surf and - if you don't mind - I will direct them to you personally. Thanks very much for your help Bobby. I am very glad to have found Tiger Performance Equipment.

By the way in your company Bio I noticed - "Tiger Performance was established in 1995 as a direct result of renowned Tom Gentry's eventual fatal accident during the Key West Offshore Powerboat Racing World Championships in 1994. ' As a younger man working in home construction I built quite a few homes for Tom's Company here in Hawaii. He was a good man - very well liked and admired by all who knew him here. His passing was a huge loss. For Tiger Performance Inc. To provide better safety equipment for racers is a fitting tribute to a fine man and your work honors him. While working for Tom we followed his racing career and were inspired by his passion for the sport of Off Shore Racing. He was a amazing man - successful in the pursuits he loved. The fine equipment you produce has I'm sure save many lives and will continue to do so in the future. Big wave Surfing is only very recently becoming much more involved in developing safety equipment for challenging huge waves.

You may want to look into expanding into this field. A lot of Big wave surfers are now using "SPARE AIR" tanks and inflation vest. I personally prefer your Tiger SBA Emergency Air tanks because with a hose from the tank to the regulator you don't need to try to hang on to the tank as you're getting spun underwater "like a rag doll" by a 25' wave! With a hose you can keep the tank mounted to your body and have the regulator in your mouth - a much better design! I hope you enter some of your equipment into the Big Wave Surfing field. It would save many lives in the future!

If you're interested I could send you more information on what the current trends are in this and introduce you to people developing the safety aspect of Big Wave Surfing. I'd like to see Tiger Performance "ride that wave". Your Tiger SBA Emergency Air Tanks (thanks to the hose) are definitely superior to "SPARE AIR's design for Big wave surfing. Exposing your equipment for use in Big Wave Surfing by way of some advertisements in surfing magazines or online surfing websites would be a "win - win".

My friend builds the Aluminum camera water housings for my "RED DRAGON" Cameras. This winter we will be filming the big "Tow - in" surf on the outer reefs of the North Shore - wave most people never get to see because it's so far out when the Big Swells arrive during winter and they close most of the regular Big Wave surf spots. We'll be filming from a "WaveRunner" Jet boat. The surfers are pulled into these Monster waves. Your equipment could save lives in these Big waves! I wish more people (Big Wave Surfers) knew about the great equipment Tiger Performance Inc. has to offer. Thanks Bobby. '

All the best
Aloha and Mahalo,

Mike Michael S. Ferguson
Camera Man for Big Wave Surfing in Hawaii
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