Marine Intercom Systems

Marine Intercoms

Tiger Performance Products, Inc. has just introduced it’s next generation Marine Intercom System. The rugged design, with an IP 67 & 68 rated immersion system and components, Mil Spec over molded cables, creates a system ideally suited for High Performance Powerboats, Race boats and a wide variety of Commercial, Law Enforcement and Military applications.

Thanks to experienced driver Sonny Hawkins’ and his professional staff at Tiger, this advanced Radio/Intercom system offers more features than any other system on the market.
Waterproof Submersible 6100 Intercom System IP 67 & 68 Rated
Now Available with Bluetooth Wireless Phone Features & Digital Sound Suppression (DSP)
Designed for High-Noise Environments
Features Include:
  • Modular plug and play design
  • Stereo or Monaural Intercom Operation
  • 2-10 person configurations
  • 1-3 Marine VHF or Programmable VHF or UHF radios
  • Multiple Radio Switching
  • Digital Sound Suppression (DSP)
  • Bluetooth Wireless Phone, iPod and other device features
  • Mil Spec Waterproof breakaway plugs and jacks
  • Stereo / CD plug in ready
  • Audible Alarm, plug in ready
  • Digital Video Recorder audio out, plug in ready
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • High Quality Universal Marine Stereo Headsets with mic on/off and optional Intercom or radio P.T.T. and left or right volume controls
  • High Quality Universal Marine Heavy Duty Headsets with mic on/off, optional Intercom or radio P.T.T
  • High Quality Peltor Com Tac II & Swat Tac II Tactical Special OPS and Law Enforcement Headsets with digital noise suppression & directional hearing
  • High Quality Open or Full Face Helmets with or without built in emergency breathing
  • Wireless Bluetooth Intercom Headset/Helmet options
  • Integrated Wireless Bluetooth Helmet with Wireless Intercom & Radio operation
  • Wireless Bluetooth plug-in Belt Box for Headsets or Helmets
6100 Intercom System
6100 Intercom System Components

“I choose Tiger Performance for all my Racing and High Performance Communication Equipment. The Tiger Intercom Systems offers the best sound quality and more features than any other Stereo Intercom System on the market.”

Bob Teague, Custom Marine, Inc.
Valencia, CA
National & World Champion

"My son and I installed the complete radio system in a few hours and spent a few cleaning up some of the boats other systems. Jerry and I put the boat through some "fast" pace testing. Wow , the Tiger Performance Comm was so clear at any boat speed, with no engine electrical noise. Thanks for providing us with exactly what you said it would be. Great Job"
Keith Snow
46 Skater "Terrible"
1500hp Sterlings