Gecko Open Face Marine Crew Helmet with PNR Communications

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Gecko Open Face Crew Helmet
Gecko Open Face Crew HelmetGecko Open Face Crew Helmet

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Gecko Open Face Marine Crew Helmet

The Gecko SAR (Search and Rescue) Helmets are high quality and a low profile and can be configured to meet mission requirements. The Gecko Open face Helmets have a patented inflatable air bladder system providing unparalleled fit, comfort and stability. Tiger Performance Products offers the widest variety of helmet mounted headset communications including Stereo or Mono PNR and Wireless.

Applications: Search And Rescue (SAR), Medical Rescue, Military, Police, Fire Rescue, Utility, Offshore transport.

Gecko Open Face Standard Helmet Features:

  • Inflatable air balloon liner
  • Quick release adjustable chin strap
  • NVG compatible
  • Lightweight construction
  • Compact low profile design
  • No components susceptible to corrosion system


  • Size - 56cm-63cm, 22.0in-24.8in
  • Weight - 670 grams, 1.47 pounds


  • Marine Safety Helmet - PAS 078:2002
  • Mountaineering Helmet - EN12492
  • Eye Protection - BS4110 (with compatible visor)
  • EAR Defense EN352-1 (with equivalent ear defenders)
  • EAR Defense EN352-3 (with equivalent ear defenders)

PNR Communication  Features:

  • Environmental Protection- IP68 (dust and extended water submersion)
  • EMI Protection- EN397:1995
  • Noise Attenuation- 32NRR, 43.1 @ 4000 Hz
  • Multi Adjustable rotating insulated wire frame attachment
  • PNR Speakers- military H143/AIC waterproof high or low impedance
  • Communication Cords- Straight or coiled with multiple communication plug choices
  • Low impedance Microphones- waterproof M87/AIC (wire boom) or M101/AIC (flex boom)
  • High Impedance Microphones- waterproof M7 (wire boom) or M7A (flex boom
  • Optional- volume control, ear cup mounted single or dual stereo
  • Optional- gel ear seals
  • Optional- CEP or CME, plugs into ear cup
  • Optional Cobra microphone- low impedence, 5 Ohm Dynamic for wire or flex boom
  • Optional Cobra microphone- 150 Ohm for wire or flex boom
  • Optional Cobra microphone- high impedence amplified electret for wire or flex boom

Available Colors:

  • White, black, black matte, yellow, orange, red, blue, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent orange

Gecko Cut Away Helmet Parts and Accessories:

  • Long visor - clear, smoke, dark, dark with black studs
  • Short visor - clear, smoke, dark, clear with black studs
  • Retro reflective strips - silver, black
  • Retro reflective text - silver, red, blue, black
  • Vinyl text - white, yellow, orange, red, blue, green, black
  • Goggles
  • Goggle attachment set
  • Dry or padded storage bag

Price: Starting at $325.00

Headset Communications:
Helmet Color:

* denotes required field

Cord Style (Custom lengths available)*
Optional Rechargeable Battery System (for Tiger Tactical Communications only)
Visor Color (if visor selected)
Visor or Goggle Studs (required if visor selected)
Retro Reflective Strips
Retro Reflective Text
Text for Retro (complete only if Retro Reflective Text was selected)
Left side with helmet on
Right side with helmet on
Vinyl Text
Text for Vinyl (complete only if Vinyl Text was selected)
Left side with helmet on
Right side with helmet on
Goggle Attachment Set
Helmet Bag
CEP/CME Hearing Protection
CEP/CME Jack Location (if CEP/CME Chosen)
CME Ear Tip Style (if CME Chosen)
CME Ear Tip Color - Right #1 (if CME Chosen)
CME Ear Tip Color - Right #2 (if CME & Swirl Chosen)
CME Ear Tip Color - Left #1 (if CME Chosen)
CME Ear Tip Color - Left #2 (if CME & Swirl Chosen)
Ear Tip Engraving (if CME Chosen)
Right (+ $6.00)(Update Price)
Left (+ $6.00)(Update Price)

* Prices are in US Dollars.
* Prices subject to change without notice.
* Prices shown apply to North America. Prices may be higher outside of North America due to a variety of factors.