Touch Screen Compatible Flight Gloves

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Flight Gloves - Touch Screen Compatible
Price: $60.00
Part Number: T-NMX-GL

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Touch Screen Compatible Flight Gloves

Touch Screen Compatible Flight Gloves are able to be used with electronics that require touch screens and they are made out of capeskin (sheep hair)

Black, Navy Blue, Desert Tan, Royal Blue, and Sage Green

Sizes:    5 through 12 - whole sizes only

These are the same as the regular Flying Gloves which have been worn by American military aviators since the 1960s, except these have a conductive fabric sewn into the tips (of both the left and right glove) of the middle finger, index finger, and thumb to allow for use with touch screen devices.

The palms are made from soft capeskin (sheep hair) that gives you the fine sense of touch you need for flying. The back is made from soft knit of fire-resistant aramid fiber that stretches so the gloves fit snugly. They remain soft and pliable when they get wet. You can even wash them in warm water and hand soap.

How to Measure Your Hand

Flight Gloves Measurement

Measure in inches around the fullest part of your palm. Order the size closest to your hand measurement. Gloves stretch a little, so the fit should be snug.

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