CME Hearing Protection

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CME Hearing Protection-Dual
CME Hearing Protection-DualCME Hearing Protection-Single
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Eartip Engraving (up to 10 alpha or numeric)
Available in 16 solid or swirl effect colors.  Now you can engrave your eartips with up to 10 alpha and/or numeric characters at no extra charge!
Specify solid or swirl effect, color choices and engraving for each eartip when ordering.

Custom Moulded Earpieces (CME)
are custom fit from ear impressions provided by customer and provide even greater hearing protection than CEP, along with comfort for long durations of useage.

Hearing loss caused by exposure to recreational and occupational noise is virtually 100 percent preventable by avoiding excessive noise and using hearing protection. 
Noise-induced hearing loss is the second most common form of sensorineural hearing deficit, after age-related hearing loss. Prolonged exposure to noise over 90 decibels (dB) can
result in permanent, irreparable hearing loss. A one-time exposure - no matter how brief - to 120 dB or more can do the same. Just once, and your hearing could be seriously damaged.

Custom molded hearing protection eartips are molded from an impression taken directly from your ear. Because your ears are unique, only custom-made hearing protection can provide repeated perfect fit and effectiveness. The integration of electronics into custom-molded earpieces allows users to experience clear audio communications while protecting their ears from damaging noise common in aviation and marine environments.

CME hearing protection earptips are made of high strength silicon, can be engraved and are available in 16 solid colors or any combination of 2 colors to create a swirl effect appropriate for any application.
(Requires customer providing a set of ear impressions made by a local hearing aid provider)
Dual CME Kit includes helmet interface harness, dual earphone cables with custom molded earpiece (pair) & carrying case.
Single CME Kit includes helmet interface harness, single earphone cable with custom molded earpiece (1) & carrying case.

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