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CEP Hearing Protection-Dual
CEP Hearing Protection-DualCEP Hearing Protection-Single
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Available for Helmets and Headsets
The Communications Earplug (CEP) was developed by the U.S. Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory at Fort Rucker, Alabama to meet that goal. Test conducted with aviation units fully demonstrated the capabilities of the CEP in actual operation environments found in all helicopters used in Army aviation. The CEP are devices that provide exceptional hearing protection.

CEP hearing protection includes a miniature transducer and foam earplug that are coupled in a unique arrangement to yield a light weight, high quality communications device that can be used alone or in combination with active earplugs with speakers.
Combining the foam earplug and the sound transducer into a single unit results in a simple but effective approach to providing the user with excellent sound attenuation and unparalleled speech intelligibility. The foam tip is attached to the transducer using a threaded hollow tube. This provides a pathway that allows sound to travel from the transducer, unimpeded, into the occluded ear canal. Used ear tips are easily replaced because of the threaded design. Foam ear tips are available in three sizes.
The noise reduction of the foam ear tips coupled with exceptional quality speech signals enable the user to achieve extremely high speech intelligibility in the noisiest environments.

The CEP can be worn in combination with other hearing protection reduces noise exposure to minimal levels. Tests conducted by theU.S. Army showed reductions of more than 30dB for low frequency noise spectra that are prevalent in helicopters.

Dual CEP Kit includes helmet interface harness, dual earphone cables, 1 pair (2) of red and blue mini ear tips & carrying case.

Single CEP Kit includes helmet interface harness, single earphone cable, one (1) red or blue mini ear tip & carrying case.


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