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MSA Gallet Helmets
LH050, LH250, LH350, LA100. BOSE A20 Communications Available.
MSA Gallet Helmet Parts
Visors, Bags, Padding & More
Night Vision Goggles
L-3 GEN III AN/AVS-9, Accessories
Lip, Finger & Cap Lites
MK4, Seitz Scientific, Mount Kit
Oxygen Mask
MBU12P, MBU20P & Accessories
Agricultural Mask Respirators
Adjustable for Helmet/Headset, Accessories
Air Crew Vests
Switlik, Osprey, Survival Paks
Anti-Exposure Suits
Switlik U-ZIP-IT ISPLR Life Rafts
MSA Helmet with Flex Microphone
Passive/Active Noise Reduction
Helmet Communication Parts
Microphones, Cords, Adapters & More
ANR Aviation Headset
ANR Aviation Headset
Air Crew Interface Box
Single/Dual Radio, Accessories
CEP/CME Hearing Protection
CEP/CME & Accessories
Wireless Communications
Headsets, Helmets, Belt Box
ICOM Aviation Radios
Handheld, Air Band Receivers, Accessories
NOMEX Flight Suits & Flight Gloves
Multiple Sizes & Colors

Tiger Performance Aviation Bluetooth Wireless Demonstration
with Erie County, NY Sheriff Department, Capt. Kevin Caffery, Chief Pilot

MSA Gallet Helmet can be
Refurbished  to "Like NEW" condition for a fraction of the price of a new helmet!

All Paint, Communications & Refitting work done Professionally in-house!

Fast turn around time!


Our Flight Helmets consist of MSA Gallet Helmets and Helmet Communication packages and parts. Please browse our collection to see what more of what we have to offer. Our MSA Gallet Helmets provide our customers with top quality designs and superior comfort. Our options include NVG Goggle Anvis Mounts, Inner/Outer Visors,  Wireless Communications, and much more. MSA Gallet Provides state of the art weight and protection as well as adjustable liners and chinstraps that help you stay as comfortable as possible. These Aviation Helmets include the latest technologies that help keep you focused and allow your communication lines to remain clear in all situations. Our Helmet Communication packages consist of Passive or Active noise reduction systems & include various Helicopter Helmet accessories such as Wind muffs, Helmet Volume controls, dynamic mics, and more. We also supply CEP Hearing Protection.

Our Cell Phone Adapters are available in wireless Bluetooth technology as well as non wireless Pilot-USA adapters. Our Pilot-USA amplifier adapters work for standard and non standard cell phones. Our Bluetooth cell phone accessories include iPod and phone dongles and universal transmitters. Our Aviation Headsets consists of products that provide lightweight technology for use with all types of aircraft. Enjoy crisp and clear communications every time with Tiger Performance. We provide everything you need to help keep you comfortable and protected in the air. Please visit our product pages or contact us if you have any questions. Tiger Performance provides the best Pilot Helmets available on the market today.