Authorized Distributor in North America for MSA Gallet Flight Helmets         
Tiger Communications also available for Gentex, Alpha, Northwall, LD Project and other Flight Helmet models

Flight Helmets


MSA Gallet Helmets
LH050, LH250, LH350 & LA100
MSA Gallet Helmet Parts
Visors, Bags, Padding & More
3M Peltor Ultra-Light-Weight Cut Away Ballistic Aviation Helmet
3M Peltor, Northwall & Gecko
Gecko Open Face Aviation Helmet
Model: Gecko
Night Vision Goggles
Lip, Finger & Cap Lites
MK4, Seitz Scientific
Oxygen Mask
CoolShirt Body Cooling Garments and Systems
Stabilize/Maintain body temperature
Agricultural Mask Respirators
Adjustable for Helmet/Headset
Air Crew Vests
Switlik, Osprey, Survival Paks
Anti-Exposure Suits
Switlik U-ZIP-IT
MSA Helmet with Flex Microphone
Passive/Active Noise Reduction
PNR & ANR Aviation Headset
PNR/ANR/Bluetooth Headsets
Helmet Communication Parts
Microphones, Cords, Adapters
Air Crew Interface Box
Single/Dual Radios
CEP/CME Hearing Protection
CEP/CME & Accessories
Wireless Communications
Headsets, Helmets, Belt Box
Blulink Wireless Blue Tooth Cell Phone Adapter
Adapter & Accessories
NOMEX Flight Suits & Flight Gloves
Multiple Sizes & Colors